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Tabletop Blockbuster

Take your chance against the hard-hitting action in Tabletop Blockbuster - designed to replicate that blockbuster action film feel in any setting. Bombastic action, hilarious one-liners, and adventure in spades. The rules are a quick and simple system using a cinematic wound-tracking mechanic, character traits, and a unique assistance mechanic to make teamwork a cinch. Players will find themselves in scenes of dramatic action, at the edge of their seats while they bust out the big guns to kick some serious ass.

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This game is best for adults who are looking for a raucous good time! All you need to play is a copy of the rules, some paper and pencils, and a handful of standard 6-sided dice. Ideal for three to five players.

Tabletop Blockbuster is currently in-production with completed rules, due to be released for publication in Spring 2014. Get a sneak preview today!


Clash is a game that tells stories about conflict. This game is engineered to replicate the rise and fall of long going, ingrained social conflicts between opposing sides. It is best for an even number of players, and intended for long-term play.

What do you do in Clash? You fight. You debate. You struggle. But most of all, you interact and find the end of the story of wars, battles, and heartbreak.

Players may find themselves entwined in matters of the heart or dodging bullets in this d8 system. The system is designed for team-based GMless play. Players will create their own conflict and as time passes, take on the role of the world that acts against them.

Clash is currently in open unlimited beta testing. Visit downloads for access to the rules document, and send feedback to deadalumap@gmail.com.


Crusaders Uncaped

Crusaders Uncaped is a new, quick ice-breaker game of guessing secret identities. To get a copy, send a drawing of an original super hero and a self-addressed envelope with enough postage to return to your part of the world to us. Email us for the address!

A Twine

Brie made a little Twine, about Glam Death and her night out.

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