You beat your brother to the punch and absorb Bowie's soul. You feel it taking you over, and your mind slowly fades and is replaced with his. \n\nThe soul of Bowie was too strong. \n\n--BOWIE IS NOW DEATH--
The knocking is deafening, and shocks you away from the beat. It wrecks your 'do. You know the name and place of the person who is about to die, and you know you only have one chance to do your job.\n\n[[Run to them.|Run]]\n\n[[Ride your wild horse.|Horse]]\n\n[[Fuck it, it's your night.|Fuck]]
You get on your horse and ride to the dying. The horse knows the way, and whinnies, rears its head, and rides off towards the location. You reach it just in time. \n\nWho is the victim?\n\n[[A woman, alone.|Woman]]\n\n[[My fiance, with another woman.|Fiance]]\n\n[[David Bowie. 'Nuff said.|Bowie]]
Your horse runs hard and fast through the streets, and leaps over a fence and you phase through the wall of a house. Inside is an elderly woman. \n\nShe says: "Don't wait up for me. Go out and live!"\n\nWhat do you do?\n\n[[I wait and absorb her soul.|Absorb]]\n\n[[I wait and cut her soul away with my sickle.|Sickle]]\n\n[[I go back to the club and dance.|Dance]]
You run through the streets, your glittering eyes lighting the way and showing you which way to turn. You reach the body of a young woman on the sidewalk. She's already dying. It's too late for an ambulance, but not too late for you.\n\n\n[[I absorb her soul.|Absorb]]\n\n[[I slice her soul from her body with my sickle.|Sickle]]\n\n[[I try to save her.|Save]]
You look around and see him, the man who has been watching you all night. He's clutching at his heart. There's nothing you can do for him now. \n\n[[I absorb his soul.|Absorb]]\n\n[[I slice his soul from his body with my sickle.|Sickle]]
The chiming bell is a quiet, sneaking sound that stirs something in your soul. You know that someone near you is about to die. What do you do?\n\n[[Look around for them here.|Look]]\n\n[[Keep dancing.|Dance]]
You dance the night away, the calls echoing in your ears as death surrounds you. The souls of the dead aren't freed, but spread across the landscape, taking form.\n\n--NOT THE END--
You absorb the soul, feeling its power flow through you.\n\n[[Now I just wanna dance all night!|Dance]]\n\n[[I listen again for the call.|Start]]\n\n[[Fuck it, I want to party!|Fuck]]
David Bowie is right there, and your brother, another Death, is standing over him. \n\nWhat do you do?\n\n[["You can't kill David Bowie!" I shout, and stop my brother.|Stop]]\n\n[[I absorb his soul.|AbsorbBowie]]\n\n[[I slice his soul from his body with my sickle.|SickleBowie]]
You shout at your brother and stay his hand. Bowie, invigorated by your shout, stands, and puts out his hand to you.\n\n[[Take the chance now, and absorb his soul.|AbsorbBowie]]\n\n[[Let's dance!|Dance]]
You decide to ignore the calls and have this one night for you. You walk right into a club VIP room, blinding the bouncers with your glittering eyes. Inside, you find a surprise.\n\n[[It's David Bowie.|Bowie]]
The music is loud and funky. Your eyes are disco balls of light, glimmering with soul energy. Your body is the body of a woman unbound, writhing on the dance floor with so many strangers. \n\nYou hear a call. What does it sound like?\n\n[[The screams of the damned.|Scream]]\n\n[[You can ring my bell.|Bell]]\n\n[[Knock three times.|Knock]]
You cut the soul from their body and it rises, bursting into glitter with a soulful riff. \n\n[[Now I just wanna dance all night!|Dance]]\n\n[[I listen again for the call.|Start]]\n\n[[Fuck it, I want to party!|Fuck]]
Your fiance, here with another woman? That asshole!\n\n\n[[I absorb his soul.|Absorb]]\n\n[[I slice his soul from his body with my sickle.|Sickle]]\n\n[[Fuck it!|Fuck]]
You are Death.\n\nYou ride a wild horse. \n\nYou wear glitter in your hair.\n\nYou carry a sickle to cut down the souls of the dead.\n\n[[Tonight you capture the souls of the dead.|Dead]]
Glam Death
Brie Sheldon
You try to resuscitate her, to no avail. Her soul rises, and you can't absorb it in time. \n\n--HER SOUL WALKS--
You swing your sickle to cut Bowie's lifeline and miss as your brother knocks you out of the way. While you wrestle your brother, Bowie dies, with no one there to take his soul. \n\n[[Might as well start over.|Start]]\n\n[[Go and dance to wash away the pain.|Dance]]
The sound of the scream tears you away from the music and you feel a pulse in your center. This is a moment you waited for. Your calling.\n\nWhat do you do?\n\n[[Keep dancing.|Dance]]\n\n[[Ride my wild horse to the dead.|Horse]]\n\n